Review of Chemical Reign

Posted on: September 3, 2013

From the Metal Bulletin

Surgeon (U.S.): “Chemical Reign” Surgeon plays traditional, melodic prog heavy metal. Thus, Surgeon does not use “extreme” metal as a significant component of what they do. This is where you go when you want traditional singing, guitar-hero finger-twisting, heavy metal and semi-thrashy riffs, and a tight bass guitar-and-drum backbeat. Expect playing of a high quality, and a serious approach to metal. The songs are catchy, but not “super melodic” or “poppy” sing-along style, because Surgeon doesn’t play that game of pandering to the audience that wants “easy songs.” It does take time for the “proggy” to sound “musical,” but it is not very difficult to understand for the willing listener.Without having investigated it, I simply got the impression that Surgeon might be on Sensory Records, which, as prog fans know, is a premier place for prog music. But no. Surgeon is not on that company and they are actually independent. This sounds so good! Don’t assume that just because it is a self-release that this sounds like a demo because it sounds like a professional album, to me. Surgeon deserves the support of prog fans!