Shadow woods Benefit

Posted on: January 6, 2016

Shadow woods benefit show

If your not familiar with the fest its a great time with great people and great music. We personally enjoyed ourselves at the festival in 2015 and met a ton of new friends and great people. This show is to support the continuation of the shadow woods fest in 2016 and many years to come. Its not an easy endeavor to put on and handle a 3-4 day music festival and Mary A Spiro has put in the work to make it happen for all of us to create community and share the things we love together in a great environment. There will be some great bands in a great town performing at the benefit and even more at the actual fest. If your local or not too local don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch some amazing metal bands in RVA. Listed below are the details. Hope to see you there.

Heavy Temple (PA Psychedelic Doom Metal)
Surgeon (PA Blackened Epic Metal)
Toke (NC Stoner Doom Metal)
Cladonia Rangiferina (MD Ritual Black Metal)
Affasia (RVA Melodic Doom Metal)
Tond (RVA Black Metal)


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